Let’s talk about ZexyZek

ZexyZek makes videos about Minecraft, and he’s got 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Here’s a link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZexyZek

Because we apparently have to have them, we have terms and conditions on how you can use Minecraft. Because talented and entertaining people making videos about Minecraft is an incredibly good thing for everyone involved, we allow for making videos and monetizing them by having ads on them. We also try to prevent things that would be negative for the game.

Someone at some point added the term “no trolling” to these terms. I assume this was done in good faith to prevent Minecraft being used to harass or bully people, but “trolling” is a very problematic terms. It also so happens ZexyZek does a bunch of videos where he engages in what he himself refers to as “trolling”. I doubt these are the videos that were intended to be prevented with the “no trolling” rule, but I don’t know. I didn’t write the terms and conditions. I find legal documents very boring, and I just want people to have an excellent time in general.

From what understand, ZexyZek noticed this and contacted us about it, asking if trolling really was against the rules. Because it is, the reply was yes. He took this as it being the end of his series about trolling people in Minecraft, but I think that’s miscommunication. Nobody I talked to about this said they had told him he couldn’t make the videos.

Unfortunately, his video led to a lot of his fans being very upset with us. I understand this. But it also made for a very hostile situation to try to figure out. My first reaction when being screamed at to do something is a sort of immature impulse to just ignore it. My inbox is getting flooded with really nasty emails, and I know this is happening to other people at Mojang as well, and it’s kinda making us feel defensive and bitter since we didn’t intentionally do anything wrong. So I said nothing and did nothing until I calmed down.

Content creators like ZexyZek and all the community their fanbases creates is the reason Minecraft is where it is. At this point, you’re more important to Minecraft than Mojang is. It’s grown so incredibly big.

So let’s try some things, ok?

* I will ask the people in charge of the boring legal texts to clarify “trolling” with better words. If they really did mean what was perceived, I will ask them to remove that line.
* Please consider not sending hate mail to people. You’re sending it to real people with real lives, and it really sucks. I don’t mean to just us, I mean in general. Be awesome instead of mean.
* Maybe don’t post heartfelt videos about how we ruin everything to 700k players, ZexyZek? We try to be nice, please give us the benefit of a doubt.
* I’m sorry this happened. Nobody meant anything bad, and it still went sour.

and finally:

* ZexyZek, you can continue your series. As long as it’s not genuinely malicious, nobody at Mojang is going to shut it down. You, and all other content creators, are very very important to us. When I created Minecraft, I had no idea it would get this big, and it amazes and humbles me every day to see what people do with it.