I’ve made quite a lot of small games, mostly for competitions, and have hundreds of unfinished prototypes and test engines. These are the ones still available online that I feel somewhat proud of.

Minecraft –
Probably the most successful game I’ve ever make. Ended up selling it to Microsoft because I couldn’t cope with the pressure of having created something that huge. People at Mojang got pissed off at me for doing so, but most fans seemed to be fine with it, thankfully.

Co-created with Rolf Jansson many many years ago. Ended leaving the project when Rolf moved away and working together became more difficult. I was more arrogant back in the day.

Drowning in Problems –
Made for a 48 hour game development competition with the theme “under the surface”. Completed the game in less than ten hours, and thought I hit on something decent. I get a lot of comments on this one still.

Shambles –
An entry for the 7dfps competition where you try to make a first person shooter game in a week. Made in Unity, and features billboarded sprites based on pictures I took of Vu Bui. The game is not that bad, but since it’s a score attack game where the player will inevitably be overrun by the zombie hoard, it definitely causes some player fatigue.

Drop –
It’s a mystery to everyone.